A raid on the "cave" of Khaled Al-Zeer and handing him an order to stop construction and renovation works
October 1, 2013

The Israeli forces raided the land of Khaled Al-Zeer on Tuesday which is located in Al-Abbasyeh neighborhood in the town of Silwan, and hung an order from the “monuments police” to stop the construction and renovation works in the land. Khaled explained that the forces raided his land where he and his family live inside a small cave after the Nature and Parks Authority bulldozers demolished his house on the 20th of last August, and hung an order to stop all kinds of works. Al-Zeer said: “I started to renovate the cave from the inside two days ago after rocks and soil were falling on top of us while sitting inside, and only tiling the floors and ceilings especially that winter is about to start. I was surprised when the forces raided the land and hung the order.” He added: “these are Israeli attempts to make me leave my land, but I will stay and will never leave, and I have not done any construction works, all I did were some renovation works to protect my family who live in a small cave that does not exceed 20 square meters.” Al-Zeer pointed out that his family that consists of 7 members (him, his wife and five children) live in the cave that lacks the simplest requirement and facilities as it does not have a restroom and his family members are forced to go to his father’s house across the street to use the restroom, and the kitchen only has a small stove and the “cave” consists of one room that is used for sitting, sleeping and as a guestroom. Al-Zeer condemned the Arab and Muslim terrible silence of what is happening in Jerusalem, demolitions and confiscation and raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque and considered it a “betrayal” to the Palestinian people.  

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خالد الزير