A plan to expand “Bet A’ort” settlement outpost in Al-Tur
October 2, 2013

Lawyer Qais Naser, a specialist in the Jerusalem affairs, revealed that a settlement group named “Bet A’ort School” recently submitted a structural blueprint to build 4 buildings that contain 32 settlement units in the heart of Al-Tur in Jerusalem on a land located north of the old city walls and west of Augusta Victoria hospital. Lawyer Qais Naser explained the details of the blueprint saying: “the blueprint has been submitted by an Israeli side under the name of “Bet A’ort School” to the District Committee for Planning and Building in Jerusalem that falls under the Israeli Ministry of Interior regarding a land that is 3 Dunoms (3000m²) located in the heart of Al-Tur neighbourhood in Jerusalem. The land is north of the walls of the old city and west of Augusta Victoria hospital.” The blueprint is to license 32 residential units that will be divided into 4 buildings where each building will consist of 4 floors. Ratifying the blueprint means the allowance to build a large settlement outpost in the heart of Al-Tur neighbourhood which is considered to be a serious escalation in the Israeli settlement project in East Jerusalem. The plan aims at the rationalization of unlicensed building in the land because the previous blueprint only allowed building 24 residential units and right now they are working on building 32 units, which means that the current blueprint aims at licensing a huge building violation which has not been stated in the blueprint. According to International Law, Jerusalem is an occupied territory and building settlements is void, and the settlement outpost will only make life harder on the residents of Al-Tur because the settlers will start using the facilities and transportation that are allocated to Al-Tur residents in a way that will touch on the Palestinian residents’ rights. Lawyer Qais Naser called for political and judicial work to prevent the ratification of this blueprint, and also appealed for the Palestinian officials and community to investigate how did the Israeli side “Bet A’ort School” acquire the land that falls in the heart of a Palestinian neighborhood and use all legal methods to reveal the truth. Lawyer Qais Naser pointed out that the District Committee for Planning and Building in Jerusalem will discuss the blueprint in the near future.