Extending the arrest of four minors and releasing five others on condition of house arrest
October 29, 2013

The Magistrate and District court judges extended on Tuesday the arrest of four Jerusalemite minors and released five others on condition of house arrest until completing the legal procedures against them. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of Odai Salaymeh until Thursday, and decided to release the children Saed Salaymeh, Wael Salaymeh, Mohammad Salaymeh and Ammar Atieh with a bail of 500 NIS for each, and imposed open house arrest on all of them; note that they were arrested last Sunday and an indictment was submitted against them that included charges of throwing stones. The minors Mohammad and Omar Abulhawa, Fahed Abu Sbitan and Mohammad Akram Abulhawa were presented to the District court on Tuesday and the judge decided to release “Mohammad Ali” with a bail of 10 thousand NIS and open house arrest. He also extended the arrest of Fahed, Mohammad and Akram until completing the legal procedures against them, and also extended the arrest of Omar until 12/11/13 which is when the so called “conduct officer” will release his report and discuss the possibility of releasing him; note that he was charged with throwing stones at a settler’s car in Al-Tur and injuring one several passengers. The Israeli police released Amin Shweiki after completing the demolition of his house that is located in Beit Hanina, and handed him an official document to remove the remains of his demolished house within 10 days and that he will be issued a fine if he does not implement the order.