Antiquities Authority continues digging in Wadi Al-Rababeh and the police assault the citizens
November 27, 2013

Employees of the Israeli Antiquities Authority continued digging in the land of Abu Rmeileh family located in the neighbourhood of Wadi Al-Rababeh in Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the locals gathered on Wednesday morning in the land in order to confront the employees and prevent them from doing any more digging which is a step before confiscating the land, but the police suppressed and evacuated them from the land by force and assaulted, pushed and severely beat some of them. The police also assaulted the journalist photographer Mohammad Al-Fateh Abu Sneineh and prevented him from being present in the area. Abdelkarim Abu Sneineh, director of Wadi Al-Rababeh committee, said that clashes using hands broke out when the young Palestinian men, owners of the land and locals prevented the settlers from working in the land and the settlers assaulted the locals.    

 الاثار الربابة

الاثار وادي الربابة

الاثار وادي حلوة