An order to arrest 4-year old Mohammad Zein Al-Majed
November 27, 2013

During the outrageous arrests carried out by Israeli authorities towards Jerusalemite children, an Israeli force raided last week the house of Zein Al-Majed in the neighbourhood of Al-Sa’dyeh in the old city of Jerusalem to arrest his 4-year old son. The child’s father told Wadi Hilweh Information Center: “a large force broke into our house on Thursday early morning and asked me for the names of my children which I gave to them. They told me: “we have an order to arrest Mohammad.” I was surprised and told one of them, are you Sure? Mohammad is only 4 years old!! The officer was not convinced and asked me to wake him up and after seeing him he retreated on the execution of the arrest order.” He added: “I told the officer, do you want to arrest him? Should I send diapers and milk because he’s going to need them.” He explained that the officer asked him few questions about his son and his friends and whether he goes to the neighbourhood or claiming that he injured an Israeli settler. The officer threatened to call the boy for investigation in case he was found guilty. He pointed out that the forces arrested last Wednesday 9-year old Ahmad Dahbour, 11-year old Fadi Yaghmour and his 10-year old brother Mohammad, 16-year old Mohammad Hazeeneh and Abdulrahman Hijazi.