Extending the arrest of 10 Jerusalemite children and releasing two young men and a child
November 28, 2013

The Magistrate court extended on Thursday the arrest of 10 children from Jerusalem and released two young men and a child with financial bails and other conditions. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the general prosecution submitted on Thursday a prosecutor’s permit to submit an indictment next Sunday to the District court against 5 children. They are: Nour Obeid, Dia’ Obeid, Fayez Abu Hummus, Adel Murrar and Mohammad Obeid. He added that the court extended on Thursday the arrest of 15-year old Odai Obeid, 15-year old Adham Sabteh and Mohammad Samir Abulhawa until 10/12/2013 which is when the so-called “conduct officer” will release his report and discuss the possibility of releasing them with financial bails; note that during the hearing session the judge decided to release them on condition of isolating them from their houses but their families refused. The lawyer added that the Magistrate court judge released Walid Abu Gosh with a 500-NIS bail and on condition of isolating him from the surrounding of the Hebrew University for 20 days except for Sundays and Thursdays; note that the Israeli forces arrested him on Wednesday night during a protest in front of the Hebrew University to condemn “Prawer Plan”. Jad Qadamani, Prisoner’s Club lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge released Bashar Mashni and 17-year old Majdi Hadreh with a 500-NIS bail and isolating them from Damascus gate for 30 days, and released the boy Rami Dandis without any conditions. The court also extended the arrest of 13-year old Othman Amer Is’eed and his 15-year old brother until Sunday to continue investigating them.