Excavation works at the entrance of Esawyeh in favor of Hadassah Hospital
November 28, 2013

Locals of the village of Esawyeh were able to stop the excavation works carried out by the Jerusalem municipality’s bulldozers at the entrance of the village and in favor of Hadassah Hospital on Thursday. Wadi Hilweh information Center was informed that the municipality’s bulldozer lately started digging and doing some excavation works at the main entrance of the village of Esawyeh in order to build a 1.5-meter wall and expand the parking lot of Hadassah Hospital; note that the lands are owned by several families in Esawyeh and were confiscated after the occupation of Jerusalem for “public interest.” The follow-up committee confirmed that the excavation works and using part of the road will negatively affect the traffic in the area noting that the locals submitted requests to the Jerusalem municipality several times in order to widen the northern entrance of the village in order to facilitate the traffic in terms of cars and busses and to limit the number of accidents in the area. Mohammad Abu Hummus, member of the follow-up committee, said that the municipality’s advisor, an engineer from Hadassah Hospital and a police officer arrived on Thursday to the site and threatened the locals to issue them traffic tickets in addition to imposing different types of taxes, but the presence of the locals in the area obstructed the work of the municipality’s bulldozers; he also pointed out that the excavation works and building the wall does not fulfill the needs of the residents.  

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