Funeral of Martyr Nous Mohammad Afaneh
November 28, 2013

Dozens of Palestinians participated in the funeral of 14-year old Martyr Nour Mohammad Afaneh on Thursday after performing the prayer to her soul in the Mosque of Abu Dis. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the child Nour Afaneh –who is a special needs child- passed away on Thursday night after the Israeli forces closed the “container” checkpoint for few hours for no reason. Nour’s father explained that his daughter suffered a severe lung infection and needed to be transferred to the ICU in Bet Jala Hospital through the “container” checkpoint and said: “while heading to the checkpoint, we were surprised to find heavy traffic after the occupation forces had closed it.” He pointed out that the ambulance tried to pass through three different ways but to no avail and the driver even tried to take the old “Kidar” way. He added: “the ambulance driver then headed towards Ramallah Hospital due to her serious condition but she passed away before getting to the hospital.” He pointed out that it does not take more than half an hour to get from the village of Abu Dis to Bet Jala, but closing the checkpoint for hours and trying to take alternative roads took more than an hour and the child was in critical condition. The village of Abu Dis witnessed clashes between the young men and Israeli forces after the funeral.