Israeli forces injure a young Jerusalemite in Ezaryeh
November 29, 2013

The 20-year old Khalil Samir Alami was injured with severe wounds during the clashes that broke out in the village of Ezaryeh (Bethany) on Friday. Hani Halabieh, spokesman of Popular Resistance Committees, said that Khalil and 17-year old Ahmad Khatib were injured with live bullets; Khalil was hit in the chest and injured his lungs and Ahmad was injured in his leg with three bullets. As soon as Khalil was transferred to Al-Maqased hospital, the Israeli police individuals arrived to take details about the incident and injury. Hani explained that two of the University’s guards were injured with shrapnel of sound bombs and rubber bullets during the clashes. Violent clashes also broke out on Friday night in the area of Ras Kasbah and Abu Dis to condemn the Martyrdom of Nour Afaneh on Thursday due to the closure of all entrances of the “container” checkpoint.