The District court guards assault two Jerusalemite minors
December 1, 2013

The District court guards assaulted on Sunday 17-year old Yousef Adel Abu Zaneed and 17-year old Ramzi Abu Rammouz. Adel Abu Zaneed said that his son and his friend Ramzi suffered bruises in different parts of their bodies after the court’s guards assaulted them. He pointed out that the guards arrested his son and then released him after he paid a 1000-NIS bond and he was banned from entering the court’s headquarters while Abu Rammouz was transferred to the hospital for treatment. He explained that the guards had also assaulted one of the detainees mother and when his son tried to ask about the reason of assaulting the woman, the guards assaulted him and his friend and severely beat them. Abu Zaneed requested an investigation with the court’s guards indicating that will file a claim against them for unjustified assault on the citizens. عادل ابو زنيد 3 عادل ابو زنيد اعتداء