Clashes in Al-Wad Street and the forces arrest a child and raid a house in Bab Hutta
December 6, 2013

Clashes broke out on Friday night in Al-Wad Street and the “Hosh” (area) of the African community in the old city of Jerusalem between the young men and occupation forces; a reaction to breaking into Al-Aqsa Mosque. Naser Qos, director of Prisoner’s Club in Jerusalem, said that a large Israeli force broke into the “Hosh” of the African community after clashes had broken out in Al-Wad Street and randomly fired sound bombs towards the houses. Witnesses said that the forces arrested 10-year old Odai Natsheh and detained him in “Bet Elyahu” police center and then released him after handing him a call for investigation for the next day. Raiding a house and searching it without the presence of its residents In a related matter, the Special Forces raided the house of Mohammad Sider “Abu Ammar” on Friday afternoon in the neighbourhood of Bab Hutta. Sider explained that the forces raided his house when nobody was home and broke the inside door and then searched all of the contents. When one of the family members returned home, he was surprised to see the damage to the house furniture and contents and was told by the neighbours that Israeli forces raided and searched the house and prevented them from entering.  

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