Releasing three Jerusalemite prisoners
December 8, 2013

The administration of “Nafha” prison released three Jerusalemite prisoners on Sunday after they completed their sentences. The Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee said that the administration of “Ayshal” prison in Beer Sheva released on Sunday the 45-year old prisoner Naser Yacoub Yassin Abu Saud after he had completed his 26-month sentence; note that Abu Saud was transferred in between several prisons and participated in the “hunger strike”. He was also assaulted by the “Nahshon and Matsada” forces in Beer Sheva prison several months ago. Abu Saud is married and has three children and also has an MBA degree and works as a lecturer in Al-Quds University. The committee added that the administration of “Nafha” prison also released prisoner Izz Eddin Atoun and Ayoub Nou’man Afaneh from Sur Baher after spending 8 months in prison.