A settler stabs a young Jerusalemite in his hand and other try to kill him
December 10, 2013

A settler stabbed 20-year old Mohammad Marwan Aweis in his hand while walking in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem. Mohammad’s family explained that their son finished working in Jaffa Street and was on his way home to the neighbourhood of Ras Al-Amood- Silwan with his cousin. A young settler appeared and asked Mohammad if he had a cigarette to borrow and Mohammad refused to give him one. The settler made sure that he was Arabian through his accent and stabbed him right away in his hand. Mohammad fell on the ground and while trying to defend himself, nine other settlers appeared and hit him with a baton on his head and one settler had placed a knife on his neck. Mohammad’s cousin was buying from a nearby grocery store and saw his cousin being attacked. He went back and defended his cousin and pushed the settlers away; note that a police car passed by at the time of the incident but did not care to stop. The family pointed out that their son is currently being treated in Hadassah hospital as he was injured in his hand and has headaches in addition to bruises in his lower limbs.