Cubs prisoners: the rooms of “Al-Sharon” are like a fridge…due to the lack of blankets and heating systems
December 28, 2013

 The prisoners in Al-Sharon prison lately sent an urgent appeal with the lawyer of the Ministry of Prisoners, Hiba Masalha, to save them from the severe and bitter cold they suffer in prison, which they described as unbearable.

The prisoners said in a statement that the rooms of the prison are very cold and are like a fridge, and they don’t have heating systems or enough winter blankets. They appealed for all officials and the international Red Cross to quickly react and pressure the prison’s administration to allow them to bring in heavy blankets and equip their rooms with heating systems. They also said that the prison’s administration refused to allow their families to bring in blankets during their visits and they want to force them to buy them from the canteen on their own expense, but they refused to buy them and said: “we do not want to be exposed to exploitation and extortion by the prison’s administration.” The cubs prisoners also said they will hold the prison’s administration responsible for their lives and for suffering different diseases because of the severe cold and humidity in their rooms as they are becoming not fit for human life asking to immediately transfer them to other prisons because like they said before they are dying from the bitter cold. It is noteworthy that the occupation prisons’ administration refused to bring in blankets for the prisoners when the Ministry of Prisoners provided 2000 winter blankets, and insisted that they sell those blankets inside the prisons through and Israeli company called “Dadash”.