Sentencing a young man and extending the arrest of 4 children and releasing 7 Jerusalemites and a woman
January 13, 2014

The District court in Jerusalem sentenced on Monday morning the 20-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Iyad Omar Shalabi to actual imprisonment for one year and a suspended probation for 8 months with a bail of 5000 NIS. The judge also extended the arrest of Mohammad Mahmoud Aton, Suhaib Afaneh and Lou’ai Hamada until 23/01/2014 which is when the “conduct officer” will release his report and discuss the possibility of releasing them with a bail and house arrest. In a related matter, the judge decided to release the children Ahmad and Mohammad A’bed with a bail and house arrest but the general prosecution requested to freeze the decision until they appeal it in the Supreme Court. The four children are accused of throwing stones at and Israeli car in the neighbourhood of Jabal Al-Mukabber. Conditional releases The police released 14-year old Radi Saeed Al-Doo on Monday on condition of house arrest for a month; note that the Israeli forces arrested him on Monday morning and took him to Al-Qishleh police station on charges of throwing stones in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and then released him after few hours of interrogation with the above mentioned conditions. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the Magistrate court judge decided to release 4 minors from Shu’fat refugee camp with a financial bail of 500 NIS and house arrest for 5 days for each one of them; note that they were arrested on Sunday and they are: 16-year old Yousef Adel Abu Zaneed, 14-year old Mohammad Ismaeel Khatib, 15-year old Odai Mohammad Saed and 15-year old Izz Eddin Khaled Faqeeh. In a related matter, the Magistrate court also released Hiba Tawil who was arrested on Sunday while trying to go inside Al-Aqsa and the judge decided to release her without any conditions; note that the police tried to isolate her from Al-Aqsa for a month but she refused to sign any documents. Releasing Jerusalemite prisoner Bilal Abed Rabbo The administration of “Eisheb” prison released 36-year old Bilal Abed Rabbo on Monday after he completed his 7-month sentence. Releasing Jerusalemite prisoner Joudeh Joudeh The occupation authorities also released 24-year Joudeh Joudeh on Monday night after detaining him for a few days in Al-Maskobyeh, and imposed house arrest on him for one week and a 5000-NIS bail.