Occupation municipality forces a Jerusalemite to remove the rubble of his demolished house
January 30, 2014

The occupation municipality forced Khaled Al-Zeer on Thursday to remove the remains of his demolished home in the town of Silwan. Khaled said that the municipality lately issued an order which requires him to remove the remains and clean the area and under the supervision of the so-called “Antiquities Authority”. It is noteworthy that the Israeli bulldozers demolished Khaled’s house last August under the pretext of building without a permit. Khaled had to move and live in a cave built on his land in order to preserve the land and save it from being confiscated in favor of the settlement projects. Several Israeli authorities have harassed Khaled and requested him not to do any renovation works in the cave and asked him to leave it; note that he recently received an administrative demolition order for a room he built after his home was demolished.   

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