In pictures…the funeral of Martyrs Al-Akhras and Abu Swai
February 3, 2014

Thousands of Palestinians participated on Monday in the official and popular events for the funerals of Martyrs Daoud Abu Swai from the village of Artas and Ayat Al-Akhras from Al-Dheisheh refugee camp after their bodies were detained in the secret cemeteries for years. The funeral processionstarted from in front of Beit Jala Hospital towards Al-Dheisheh refugee camp andthe village of Artas where the prayer was performed on the body of Abu Swai in Artas Mosque and the body of Al-Akhras in Al-Kabeer Mosque and afterwards continued with the burial ceremony. Abu Swai who was born on 26/11/1955 in Beit Jaladied on 05/12/2001 while Al-Akhras died on 29/03/2002 when she was only 18 years old. The occupation authorities handed the bodies of both Martyrs to their families on Sunday night near the crossing of Tarqomia west of Hebron. The Israeli authorities started handing the bodies of Martyrs that were detained in their secret cemeteries several days ago; note that they identified the bodies of the Martyrs during the last few weeks through DNA tests that were performed on members of the families of Martyrs.   بودأت السلطات الاسرائيلية قبل عدة ايام بتسليم جثامين الشهداء المحتجزة جثامينهم في مقابر الارقام، علما انه تم خلال الاسابيع الأخيرة تحديد جثامين الشهداء من خلال اختبارات الحمض النووي التي أجريت لأفراد من عوائل أسر الشهداء.unnamed (14)

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