Distributing six demolition orders in the neighbourhood of Al-Abasyeh in Silwan
February 5, 2014

The Jerusalem municipality crews along with Israeli forces distributed administrative demolition orders in Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the municipality crews randomly distributed 5 demolition orders to the families of Al-Zeer and Siam and also arrested and assaulted Khaled Al-Zeer after handing him the demolition order. The forces raided the “residential cave” where Khaled Al-Zeer lives and handed him the demolition order for a 6-square meter room that is built from bricks and roofed with tin plates; note that he built it last August after the municipality demolished his home where his family lived. The Magistrate court judge decided to stop the renovation works Khaled was doing in the cave and allowed him to live in the room since he doesn’t have any other place to stay. The municipality employees handed an administrative demolition order to Daoud Abdelrazeq Siam in the neighbourhood of Al-Abasyeh; note that his store has been built for 25 years and is used as a car garage; note that he recently started renovating it in order to turn it to a small “falafel” restaurant. Siam said that the municipality crews took pictures of the store and took its  measurements, and one of the employees told Siam that if he closes down his store then he won’t file a claim against him in the court and won’t impose any fines on him but the demolition order will still stand. During this operation, the Israeli forces assaulted 44-year old Nidal Ghalyeh and severely beat him; note that he suffers from a physical disability.  

اخطار هدم اداري

اخطار هدم