Palestinians fail the Jewish calls to break into Al-Aqsa Mosque
February 6, 2014

Dozens of Palestinians failed the Jewish groups’ call to break into Al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday as they were also planning to raise the Israeli flags in its courtyards. Palestinians stayed in Al-Aqsa since Wednesday night in order to confront the extremists’ attempts to break into Al-Aqsa and raise the Israeli flags in its courtyards and since the early morning the young Palestinian men raised the Palestinian flags and Islamic banners to ensure its Islamic identity. The Islamic Awqaf said that the police closed Dung Gate on Thursday morning and prevented the extremists from entering Al-Aqsa; note that Al-Awqaf submitted an official request to the police to close the gate. In a related matter, the police stationed at Al-Aqsa gates detained the IDs of the citizens who entered Al-Aqsa and clashes using hands broke out near Hutta Gate after the police prevented some men from entering. Also, two young men were arrested from inside Al-Aqsa and they are Hazem Siam and Mohammad Harbi. The Israeli forces also arrested a young man on Wednesday night while being inside Al-Aqsa, and arrested Um Tarek Hashlamon while attempting to enter Al-Aqsa through Al-Qataneen Gate under the pretext of saying “God is Great”. After detaining and interrogating her for several hours, she was released and isolated from Al-Aqsa for two weeks.