Arrested for three months on charges of “driving without a license”…the Martyrdom of the Jerusalemite Jihad Tawil
February 25, 2014

The 47-year old Jerusalemite Jihad Abdulrahman Tawil passed away on Tuesday early morning hours due to injuries he suffered from as he was assaulted while being in Beer Sheva prison. The prisoner’s family said that they headed to the hospital on Monday night to visit Jihad and he was in a critical medical condition. After they left the hospital, they were informed that Jihad passed away. The family explained that Jihad was arrested at the end of last year to serve a 3-month sentence on charges of driving without a license. During the arrest, an Israeli force broke into the “Dekel” department where he was detained and assaulted him and severely beat him in addition to spraying him with pepper gas causing him serious injuries; note that he has been in the hospital since then. The family added that the prison’s administration informed the family that they no longer want to detain Jihad and asked them to sign the papers of releasing him and take his personal items but the family refused. The family also demanded an investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident which led to the death of Jihad stressing on the point that he was not suffering from any health problems.