Hundreds participate in the funeral of Martyr Jihad Abdulrahman Tawil
February 26, 2014

Hundreds of Palestinian participated on Wednesday night in the funeral of the 47-year old Martyr Jihad Abdulrahman Tawil who passed away on Monday after being assaulted in Beer Sheva prison. The Martyr’s family received his body from Abu Kabeer hospital at around 8 p.m. Wednesday as the hospital’s administration meant to delay the process of handing the body to his family. He was then transferred to Al-Maqased hospital in Jerusalem and then to his home in Ras Al-Amoud in order to take the last and final look at him. The funeral started from his house to Al-Aqsa Mosque where Palestinian flags, green banners and Fateh movement flags were raised. Also, slogans in support of the Martyr were chanted as well as others requesting to investigate the circumstances of the assault. The participants prayed the funeral prayer at Lions Gate - one of Al-Aqsa Gates- after they were prevented from entering Al-Aqsa. During the funeral, some young men set the police station at Lions Gate on fire and broke the surveillance cameras of the occupation authorities; note that the Israeli forces withdrew from the roads and streets and the police station at Lions Gate and were stationed near a settlement outpost in Ras Al-Amoud. The family explained that Jihad was arrested at the end of last year to serve a 3-month sentence on charges of driving without a license. During the arrest, an Israeli force broke into the “Dekel” department where he was detained and assaulted him and severely beat him in addition to spraying him with pepper gas causing him serious injuries; note that he has been in the hospital since then. The family added that the prison’s administration informed the family that they no longer want to detain Jihad and asked them to sign the papers of releasing him and take his personal items but the family refused. The family also demanded an investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident which led to the death of Jihad stressing on the point that he was not suffering from any health problems. It is noteworthy that the family wanted to burry Jihad on Tuesday but the prison’s administration delayed handing his ID to his family which delayed the funeral, and the administration delayed handing the body on Wednesday causing the funeral to take place at night time. It is also noteworthy to mention that the Martyr’s brother, Ashraf Tawil, passed away in June 2012 after being stabbed in Tel Aviv. Clashes in Ras Al-Amoud Clashes broke out at around 11:30 p.m. in the neighbourhood of Ras Al-Amoud between the young men and Israeli forces which fired sound grenades and rubber bullets. The young men burnt tires and responded with throwing stones.