In pictures…a series of break-ins into houses and Jerusalemite organizations and the arrest of two lawyers and three citizens
March 6, 2014

The Israeli police extended on Thursday night the arrest of lawyer Shireen Essawi and her brother Shadi until Friday. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed by Shireen’s father, Abu Ra’fat, that the Israeli forces arrested the lawyer Shireen at the eastern entrance of the village of Esawyeh while she was coming home from Ramallah. Shadi who is a former prisoner was arrested after the Israeli forces raided and searched the headquarters of Elia Youth Organization in Salah Eddin Street in Jerusalem. Abu Ra’fat said: “a large Israeli force, Special Forces and officers suddenly broke into my house and searched it in addition to searching Midhat’s house. They confiscated computer devices, cell phones and some documents and then handed us a call for investigation for Shireen and Midhat. Few minutes after they left, we were surprised by the arrest of Shireen. During the break-in, violent clashes broke out in the surroundings of the house in which the Israeli forces used rubber bullets and sound grenades to disperse the citizens while the Musta’ribeen unit arrested Ammar Emad Obeid and Firas Obeid. Breaking into Elia organization In conjunction with breaking into Esawyeh, another force broke into Elia Youth Organization in Salah Eddin Street and detained the trainees present inside for few minutes and checked their identification cards in addition to asking them several questions. The forces detained Shadi Essawi in separate room and searched the location for several hours. Upon leaving, they confiscated computer devices and a “cameras’ server” and arrested the former prisoner Shadi Essawi. Breaking into the house of lawyer Amjad Safadi Late at night, the police along with individuals from the Israeli Intelligence broke into the house of lawyer Amjad Safadi in the neighbourhood of Sa’dyeh in the Old City of Jerusalem and confiscated a computer device and some documents. Amjad’s brother said that the Israeli forces arrested his brother on Thursday while he was visiting some prisoners in Hadarim prison.

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