The project of “Country, We are here” organized a visit to the village of Bab Shams “Younes’s grandchildren” and Wadi Qelt
March 9, 2014

The project of “Country, We are here” sponsored by the Palestinian organization “Ru’ya”, Madaa Silwan Creative Center and the Arab Organization for Human Rights organized a solidarity visit with the inhabitants of the village of “Younes’s Grandchildren”.   Mousa Abbasi, project coordinator, said that the goal of this visit is to ensure that we will continue to raise our children to love this land and fight in all possible ways since our people’s goal to protect every inch of this land is clear and we won’t surrender. Mohammad Hasan Matar, member of the province of Jerusalem and the Popular Resistance participating in “Country, We are here” project confirmed that the village of “Younes’s Grandchildren” was built on the lands of the Palestinian state close to our eternal capital “Jerusalem”. He said that the new village was built as a continuation to the villages of “Bab Shams” and “Karama” in order to perpetuate the Palestinian presence on the ground. He stressed on the point that this land is ours and we will continue to fights despite all the Israeli oppression until the occupation ends and we establish our Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital The reason behind naming the village “Younes’s Grandchildren”, Mohammad Matar said that Younes was the main character in the tale of Bab Shams from the Lebanese write Elias Khoury, and referred to the Palestinian people today as Younes’s grandchildren who are doing their best to protect and save their lands since the younger generations did not forget their history in this land and their rights to live freely. This step was one of the ways of the Palestinian popular movement to recover their stolen lands. Mohammad Matar said that the occupation’s demolition of the village of Bab Shams is not an end to the battle of proving the Palestinian right on the Palestinian lands because our people will continue their resistance despite all the sacrifices until they reach freedom and independence. We will challenge all the occupation’s practices and will build our villages on all of our lands despite the occupation’s brutal repression and their state’s organized terror which will only enhance our determination and adherent to our legitimate rights. The occupation forces were present in the area after the group had arrived. Kholoud Zinati confirmed that the project’s goal during this visit is to confirm the insistence of our Palestinian youths to defend the lands of the Palestinian state and to raise the voice of Palestinians in front of the whole world. The group then headed to Wadi Qelt which is considered one of the most important places in Palestine and is a natural collapse between neighboring plateaus. It is made of high rocky walls and extends for more than 45 kilometers between Jericho and Jerusalem and collects the water coming from the mountains of Jerusalem and Ramallah and flows into the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. This valley is considered part of the Holy Land and has the Saint George Monastery; one of the main tourist and archeological attractions of the valley. The valley is also knows as an attraction for hiking and walking especially in winter, and  distinctive markings have been placed on a 15-kilometer track that starts from the springs of Wadi Qelt until “Herod's winter Palace” in Jericho.