The occupation bulldozers demolish a residential house for a blind citizen and other commercial establishments in Ezaryeh
March 12, 2014

The civil administration bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning a residential house, a carwash and a grocery store in the village of Ezaryeh under the pretext of building without a permit. The Israeli forces along with three bulldozers raided the village of Ezaryeh and completely surrounded its entrance and then an infantry force surrounded Al-Baba Mountain. The residential house where ten individuals live is owned by Suleiman Kayed Jahaleen who is blind. It is built from bricks and roofed with tin plates; note that Suleiman has been living in the area before 1967 after they were displaced from Beer Sheva. The bulldozers demolished for the second time in a month commercial establishments for the activist Sami Abu Ghalyeh (a carwash, parking lot and a grocery store). The establishments are built on a one-Dunom Land (1000 square meters) and are built from tin plates, iron and cement.