Israeli forces arrest two young men and injure several others
March 16, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested two young men on Sunday and injured 15 others with wounds and bruises after suppressing a march in the streets of Jerusalem after the activity of “longest book readers around the wall of Jerusalem” was over. The medical crews said that 15 young men and women were injured with minor bruises and wounds by shrapnel of sound grenades and rubber bullets and were treated on the spot. Fouad Obeid, a paramedic, was also injured with shrapnel of a sound grenade in his neck. The Musta’ribin units arrested Ribhi Dweik from Sultan Suleiman Street and assaulted and severely beat him and then took him to the police station, and also arrested a young man from Damascus Gate. A march had initiated from Damascus Gate on Sunday afternoon after the reading activity was over. Upon arrival to Salah Eddin Street, the Israeli Special Forces confronted them and started pushing them but the participants continued their march towards Damascus Gate where the forces fired sound grenades and rubber bullets towards the participants which led to the injury of several young men.  

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