Bab Hutta: Raiding houses, assaulting residents and terrifying children
March 16, 2014

Violent clashes broke out on Sunday night in the neighbourhood of Bab Hutta which led to the injury of man residents with bruises, suffocation a state of fear for many children.

Residents of the neighbourhood explained that clashes spread from Lions Gate to the neighbourhoods of Bab Hutta and Al-Sa’dyeh after the soldiers provoked the young men in the area. The forces surrounded Bab Hutta and prevented the paramedics from entering the houses to treat the injured.

Saleh Fakhouri said that the soldiers broke the main door of his house and assaulted one of his relative, 45-year old Mohammad Taher Fakhouri, using the butts of their guns. They also randomly fired sound grenades and rubber bullets towards the houses which terrified the children.

.The 38-year old Mahmoud Salaymeh was also injured after he was sprayed with pepper gas on his face and one soldier tried to fire a sound grenade directly at him