The municipality bulldozers demolish three residential mobile homes (caravans) in Beit Hanina and assault the residents
March 19, 2014

The bulldozers of the occupation municipality demolished on Wednesday a residential caravan for Salaymeh family in Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the residential caravan was built last June on top of the ruins of the demolished house. It is 70 square meters and is built from aluminum and iron and owned by Badran Salaymeh. Marwan Salaymeh explained that the occupation’s bulldozers demolished his brother’s house without prior notice when he was not even home, and when he arrived he found his house completely demolished. The Information Center points out that the occupation’s bulldozers demolished two house for Badran Salaymeh and his sons on 29/05/2013 that were built on the family’s 80-dunom land. Salaymeh family built the two houses in 2000. Two years later, the municipality signed an order to confiscate the land for public use and the family tried to obtain a building permit but to no avail; note that a 250-thousand NIS building violation fee was imposed on them and after the two houses were demolished the municipality billed them for the expenses of the demolition which was 110 thousand NIS which Badran and his family were unable to pay. The bulldozers also demolished two caravans for Mohammad Samara and his son Shadi in the neighbourhood of Ashqarya in Beit Hanina under the pretext of building without a permit. Mohammad Samara explained that the occupation forces raided the two caravans after breaking the main doors as nobody was inside. They took some of the furniture outside the caravans and then carried out the demolition process without prior notice; note that each caravan is 40 square meters where 8 individuals live in both of them. Samara explained that he self-demolished his barracks on 08/02/2014 based on an agreement he had with the municipality’s court in order to avoid paying the demolition expenses. He added that he sent the photos of the demolition to the municipality and was surprised when the bulldozers came and completely swept the barrack’s area in addition to demolishing his son’s barracks. The bulldozers had demolished the Samara family house on 30/01/2012 and that was when they built the caravans. Assault and clashes The occupation forces assaulted the owner of the caravan Mohammad Samara and raided the house of Sa’oo family and assaulted the residents using batons including Fatima Sa’oo and Mohammad and Mahmoud Sa’oo; they also assaulted Bashar Kiswani using electric shocks.  

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