Arresting four Jerusalemite activists and the suppressing of the “Palestinian Marathon”
March 21, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested 4 Jerusalemite activists on Friday morning coinciding with the start of the “Judaization Marathon” in the streets of the city of West and East Jerusalem. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces arrested Mohammad Abu Hummos, Taj Mheisen, Kayed Rajabi and Jihad Aweida. Abu Hummos and Mheisen were arrested after the Israeli forces suppressed a Palestinian Marathon that launched from the village of Esawyeh using a private bus towards Street number one. When the children and activists started the marathon, the forces obstructed their movement and prevented them from moving forward in order the secure the Judaization Marathon. It is noteworthy that Jerusalemite activists organized the Palestinian Marathon as a response to the Israeli Marathon and the participants wore shirts that said “Third Jerusalem Marathon for the Arab identity of Jerusalem…stop and think twice before you participate in a political marathon not a sports one”. The forces then arrested Rajabi and Aweida when they raised the Palestinian flags in front of the Israeli Marathon. The forces provided complete protection and all necessary procedures for the Israeli Marathon which is organized by the occupation municipality in Jerusalem.