The municipality requests immediate renovation of the supporting wall and the Antiquities Authority forces the residents of Wadi Hilweh to stop the renovation works
March 23, 2014

The employees of the Antiquities Authority forced on Sunday the residents of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan to stop the renovation works of a supporting wall that collapsed last month on top of the citizens’ houses under the pretext of the presence of antiquities in the area. Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that an employee of the Israeli Antiquities Authority along with special guards raided the house of Siam family where renovation works are being done to a supporting wall and requested them to immediately stop the works under the pretext of the presence of antiquities in the area and insisted on the necessity of the presence of an employee from the Antiquities Authority during the renovation and that the residents have to pay him. The Center added that the police raided the area while the Antiquities employees where there and also requested to stop all the renovation works. The residents of Wadi Hilweh who were affected by the collapse of the supporting wall noted that the Jerusalem municipality requested them to do the renovation for the wall within a month and threatened to impose financial fees otherwise; note that the residents are doing the renovation on their own expense after the municipality denied being responsible for the collapse of the wall and under the pretext that it is a “private” wall not a “public” one. It is noteworthy that the supporting wall collapsed on 26/02/2014 due to the Israeli excavations underneath the houses and causes damages to five family houses (Salaymeh, Bader, Tawil, Ja’bari and Siam). The collapse blocked the entrances of the houses and they residents are now entering their houses through the courtyards of other houses; note that the wall is 15 meters wide and 3 meters high.  

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