Guards of Shaare Zedek hospital prevent a Red Crescent ambulance from entering
March 23, 2014

The guards of Shaare Zedek hospital prevented on Thursday night a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance from entering the hospital to transfer an old woman from Shu’fat refugee camp. The paramedic officer, Ali Abu Ghazaleh, explained that the guards prevented him from entering the hospital in the ambulance and detained him twice at the first and second gates. He said: “the guards at the first gate stopped the ambulance for few minutes and after checking my ID they allowed me to get in. At the second gate, we were surprised when the guards prevented us from entering and they detained the car including the passengers (driver, three paramedics and an 84-year old sick woman) for half an hour. He added: “we had a conversation and the guards and their boss claimed that I do not have a permit and the vehicle doesn’t have a permit either.” One of them said: “if it was a “David’s Star” vehicle, then we would let it in without inspection or any delay.” He explained that the guards forced the paramedics to transfer the woman on a stretcher despite the cold weather. Ala’ Arna’out, coordinator for volunteers’ affairs in Jerusalem, explained that an official claim was filed to the Israeli Ministry of Health against the guards of the hospital and pointed out that there are audio and video recordings of the incident. He also pointed out that the ambulances have the necessary Israeli permits to operate anywhere without any obstruction or delay. Tags: Racism