Silwan mosque is about to collapse
December 22, 2009

Today the prayers of Silwan mosque were surprised by water flooding the floor due to landslides caused by the excavations taking place around the mosque. Abu Ala'a Al Rwaedi, one of the pioneers of the mosque, confirmed that the quantity of water is huge and that it caused terrible loss and damage to the walls and carpets of the mosque. Al Rwaedi thinks that the mosque is in danger and may collapse soon. The Jerusalem municipality who is responsible of the excavations do not care about the damage caused by digging on the property of the citizens. They even refuse to talk to people or to answer any question concerning the excavations, and there is no way to stop their crimes since the "law" is in their hand. It should be mentioned that since 2005  the machines used to drill in the area are heavy which is not the appropriate equipment for archeological digging. In a letter addressed to the municipality of Jerusalem on this issue, the municipal response came too late: "According to our information, the Islamic Waqf used heavy machinery." On the other hand,  Abu Musa, keeper of the mosque, said to wadi Hilwa Information Center that: "The Islamic Waqf has NOT been carried out any restorations or,  the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israeli Antiquities Authority are the only one that worked in the area. Picture 319_1 Picture 323 Picture 324 Picture 326 Picture 332 Picture 336 Picture 344 Picture 353