Details of demolishing a residential building in Al-Tur
March 26, 2014

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning a residential building in Khallet Al-Ein in Al-Tur east of the Old City without prior notice under the pretext of building without a permit. The Israeli forces raided Al-Tur at 6 a.m. and surrounded the building that is owned by Ghadeer Ajram Abu Ghalyeh and then started the demolition process on top of the building’s contents. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the building consists of “Al-Rahmeh” Mosque that is 100 square meters, a 200-square meters medical center, storages and two residential apartments with an area of 300 square meters; note that 11 individuals live in the two apartments. The owner pointed out that the building has been established for three years and he was able to obtain an order on Wednesday to stop the demolition; note that the District court was supposed to help a session regarding the demolition of the building at the beginning of May. Abu Ghalyeh confirmed that the demolition was done without prior notice and the forces surrounded the building and evacuated the residents then carried out the demolition on top of the furniture. He also noted that the second time the building gets demolished as it was previously demolished in 2007. Abu Ghalyeh explained that the locals of Khallet Al-Ein have been trying to obtain building permits for 18 years and the mayor decided that this is a residential area but the Israeli Minister of Interior refused his decision. هدم خلة العين (2) هدم خلة العين (3)\هدم خلة العين (4) هدم خلة العين (5) هدم خلة العين (7) هدم خلة العين (8) هدم خلة العين (9) هدم خلة العين (1)