Sentencing the Jerusalemite prisoner Adli Maragha for 28 months in prison and extending the arrest of a child
March 26, 2014

The District court in Jerusalem sentenced on Wednesday the 32-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Adli Mohammad Ata Maragha for 28 months in prison after convicting him of making bombs and throwing them in Silwan. Adli was arrested on 27/02/2013 from his house in Silwan. He is married and has four children; youngest is Mohammad (8 months old) who was born few months after he was arrested. Adli is the brother of the freed prisoner Adnan Maragha who spent 24 years in the Israeli prisons and was released within the “Wafa Al-Ahrar” deal. He is also the brother of freed prisoner Othman Maragha who spent 17 years inside the Israeli prisons. Adli was transferred in between several prisons and is not detained in Eshel desert prison. In a related matter, the Magistrate court judge extended on Wednesday the arrest of 17-year old Mohammad Ashayer until Friday; note that he was called for interrogation on Tuesday afternoon and was detained until being presented to court.