Pictures and details of arresting seven Jerusalemites and injuring dozens including journalists and paramedics
March 29, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested seven Jerusalemites and injured dozens others with rubber bullets and shrapnel of sound grenades while suppressing a march on the occasion of “Earth Day”. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed by the ambulance of Red Crescent that eight injuries have been transferred to the hospital for treatment where the most critical was a serious injury in the eye with a rubber bullet and was transferred to Al-Maqased hospital and then to Hadassah Ein Kerem. Mohammad Zboun was also injured in the face, Bayan Jo’beh was injured in her leg by shrapnel, Um Abed was injured with shrapnel her thigh and two children were also injured in their limbs. The march initiated from Salah Eddin Street and few minutes later and while raising the Palestinian flags and chanting slogans on occasion of Earth Day, the Special Forces attacked the participants from behind and heavily fired sound grenades and rubber bullets towards them; the forces then deliberately to suppress all the gatherings in Salah Eddin Street. The forces also managed to disrupt the work of journalists and paramedics by chasing and pushing them as well as verbally abusing them; note that five journalist photographers and three paramedics were injured. Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the most critical injury among the journalist photographers occurred to Ahmad Gharableh as he was injured with a sound grenade that directly hit his forehead and he was transferred to the hospital for treatment. The Center explained that he was injured just minutes after the march started which confirms the fact that Israeli forces are targeting journalists. Also, photographer Jamil Qadamani was injured in his leg, Suleiman Khader was injured with two rubber bullets in the chest and the leg and photographer Mohammad Asho was also injured. Three paramedics were injured in the clashes; they are: Marwan Suleiman, Fouad Obeid and Eyad Abu Sneineh. The Israeli forces raided the “Mu’aqat” commercial store in Salah Eddin Street and were deployed in both floors. They randomly fired sound grenades inside the store which led to the injury of several citizens with a state of fear. In terms of arrests, the Israeli forces arrested seven Jerusalemites including the Jerusalemite activist Samer Abu Eisheh as he was severely beaten and his clothes were tore as a result of the assault. The forces also arrested the Jerusalemites merchant Munther Hirbawi, Ahmad Masri, lawyer Tarek Assouli and the 13-year old child Wahj Alhaq. In the afternoon hours, a group of Jerusalemites managed to demonstrate in the courtyard of Damascus Gate and after few seconds of chanting slogans, the Israeli forces attacked them and randomly fired rubber bullets and sound grenades towards them; note that dozens of citizens were present in the area which led to several injuries among them.  


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