Two young men suffer from being assaulted by settlers
April 1, 2014

The 19-year old Tarek Idris and 20-year old Louai Sub Laban were injured with several bruises and wounds after settlers assaulted them last Sunday night. The families of Idris and Sub Laban explained that the settlers and their guards assaulted the residents of the neighbourhood of Al-Qirmi and sprayed them with pepper gas as well as pushing and hitting them; Tarek and Louai were severely injured by the assault. Louai’s mother explained that her son heard the voice of one of the neighbourhood’s children screaming and crying. He stepped outside the house to check the matter and one of the settlers’ guards who are present in the area to secure a settlement outpost in Al-Qirmi neighbourhood was holding the child and trying to assault him. Louai tried to step in and help the child but the guard brutally attacked him and severely beat him which resulted into clashes between the residents and the settlers and their guards who assaulted the residents and sprayed them with pepper gas on their faces. Louai’s mother added that the police intervened to protect the settlers and their guards and also raided the Sub Laban family house and arrested Louai and took him to Al-Qishleh police station; note that he was released after being interrogated on charges of attacking a guard. Tarek Idris was transferred to Shaare Zedek hospital due to his critical case and the aches he was feeling in his chest, limbs and mouth.