After attacking the welcoming ceremony of a freed prisoner: Ihab Hamdan suffers from two fractures in the skull
April 22, 2014

The free prisoner Ihab Hamdan was injured with two fractures in the skull after he was hit by a rubber bullet in his forehead. Hamdan’s family informed Wadi Hilweh Information Center that Ihab was injured with two fractures in the skull when he was hit with a rubber bullet in the forehead from a close distance during the welcoming ceremony of the freed prisoner Eyad Omar Shalabi in Al-Sowaneh as the Israeli forces attacked the ceremony and randomly fired rubber bullets and sound grenades towards the participants. The family added that Ihab underwent a surgery in Al-Maqased hospital and is in stable condition. Hamdan was released at the beginning of March after completing his 14-month prison sentence.  

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