The freed prisoner lawyer Amjad Safadi passes away
April 29, 2014

The Jerusalemite lawyer, Amjad Safadi, passed away on Tuesday morning in his house in the neighbourhood of Al-Sa’dyeh in the Old City of Jerusalem. Amjad was released last Thursday from Al-Maskobyeh cells “Room 20” after being detained for 45 days where he was exposed to harsh interrogation by the Israeli Intelligence forces. The judge decided to release him on conditions of house arrest and preventing him from practicing law until a decision is made regarding his case in addition to paying a high fine of 20 thousand NIS and a personal bail by four guarantors. The Prisoner’s Club explained that the 39-year old lawyer passed away just five days after being released knowing that he was detained for 45 days in the Israeli occupation’s prisons where he was tortured and severely beat in addition to being exposed to electric shock and being monitored 24 hours a days. The Prisoner’s Club added that lawyer Amjad was exposed to a huge psychological pressure during the torture causing him to commit suicide on Tuesday; the Club held the occupation responsible for the death of the Jerusalemite lawyer, Amjad Safadi.