In pictures: the demolition of commercial establishments in Jerusalem
May 14, 2014

The occupation’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning commercial establishments in different neighbourhoods in Jerusalem. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation bulldozers raided the neighbourhoods of Beit Hanina, Shu’fat and Ras Al-Amoud and executed three demolition operations to three commercial establishments. Beit Hanina… The bulldozers demolished a 55-square meter storage owned by Mousa Natsheh in Al-Ashqarya in Beit Hanina. Al-Natsheh explained that the forces surrounded his house and the storage which was built in 2011 and then executed the demolition process under the pretext of building without a permit after emptying the storage from its contents. Shu’fat… The bulldozers demolished an 18-square meter commercial store in Al-Khansa’ Street in Shu’fat that has been built for 4 years and owned by Mohammad Awadallah. Awadallah explained that the walls of his commercial store have been there for 80 years according to the official documents and Aerial photographs in the Israeli departments. Four years ago, Awadallah built a ceiling from aluminum and used the area as a commercial store and tried to obtain a permit throughout the past four year but to no avail; note that he paid 20 thousand NIS as building violation fees. He added that he removed the ceiling by himself two months ago, but the bulldozers demolished today the walls that have been established for many years. He pointed out that the forces brutally raided the area and forced the Awadallah family to evacuate their home which is adjacent to the walls of the shop. Ras Al-Amoud… In a related matter, the occupation municipality bulldozers demolished an aluminum workshop in the neighbourhood of Ras Al-Amoud “Kabsa Intersection”. The 100-square meter shop is owned by Sufian Jaber and has been established for 14 years. Sufian explained that the demolition was executed without prior notice. Jaber estimated his losses to be around 110 thousand NIS, and pointed out that 20 people live off this workshop. In a related matter, the bulldozers demolished a “container” that is used to repair cars in the neighbourhood of Ras Al-Amoud and is owned by Murad Aweis; note that it has been established for 14 years. The bulldozers also demolished concrete walls and swept away wide areas of land.  

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