A sit-in in solidarity with the prisoners undergoing the hunger strike
May 14, 2014

The Jerusalemites Detainees and Prisoners Families Committee and Prisoner’s Club organized a sit-in at the headquarters of the Red Cross in Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem in solidarity with the prisoners carrying out a hunger strike for the 21st consecutive day. The Prisoners Committee and Prisoner’s Club handed a letter to the head of the mission of International Red Cross in the West bank and Jerusalem, Mr. Frederick Boyer, entitled “Strike of the administrative prisoners.” The letter said: “more than three weeks have passed since the administrative prisoners started their hunger strike, and the occupation authorities are still punishing then and ignoring their legitimate demands in addition to suspicious silence of the international human rights organizations operating in the occupied lands of Palestine. We, the Jerusalemites Detainees and Prisoners Families Committee and Prisoner’s Club, are really worried to what is happening inside the occupation’s prisons and request the International Red Cross organization to take immediate action in order to save the prisoners from the injustice of the occupation, and the need to send delegates and doctors to visit them in the isolation and punishment cells. We draw your attention to the presence of Jerusalemites prisoners who were subjected to isolation and punishment because of their solidarity with the striking prisoners including prisoner Mohammad Mousa Odeh and prisoner Ayman Eid Salhab. The heroic prisoners exercised their natural roles to defend their rights while imprisoned which was ensured by the international law and Geneva Conventions, and it is a shame on us to leave them alone.”  



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