Sentencing a child and extending the arrest of 6 Jerusalemites
May 19, 2014

The District court sentenced on Monday the 17-year old Jerusalemite Salman Khalil Daoud Abu Sbitan for 7 months of actual imprisonment on charges of throwing stones at settlers’ cars. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organizations lawyer, said that the District court judge sentenced his client for 7 months and pointed out that he had already spent two months in prison. Salman was arrested on 09/12/2013 and was released on 24/01/2014 under difficult conditions and has been under house arrest since. Salman will turn himself in on 01/06/2014 to serve his prison sentence. In a related matter, lawyer Mahmoud said that the public prosecution submitted on Monday an indictment to the Magistrate court against Ibrahim Bayya’ from Shu’fat refugee camp that included charges of throwing stones, and the judge extended Ibrahim’s arrest until 08/06/2014 in order for the so-called “conduct officer” to release his report and discuss the possibility of releasing Ibrahim with a bail and house arrest conditions. The judge also extended the arrest of the child Rashid Risheq until Tuesday and the 16-year old Emad Eddin Mansour Al-A’war and his 16-year old cousin Mouath and the 16-year old Ahmad Al-Ghoul until Wednesday to continue interrogating them; note that they were arrested on Monday after the Israeli forces raided their home in Silwan. The lawyer explained that the District court held a session to discuss the appeal he submitted against the Magistrate court’s decision of extended the arrest of his client Mahmoud Zaghal until 02/06/2014, and the judge decided to extended the arrest one more day until the lawyer bring a document from Mahmoud’s school that says he is a high school student.