A sit-in and praying in front of Al-Ramleh prison in solidarity with the prisoners undergoing the hunger strike
May 23, 2014

Jerusalemites and people from the 1948 lands performed the Friday Prayer in front of Al-Ramleh prison in solidarity with the prisoners undergoing a hunger strike and since most of the prisoners are imprisoned in Al-Ramleh prison. The Friday Prayer’s preacher, the free prisoner Ashraf Hasan who spent ten years in the Israeli prisons, talked about the injustice of the occupation and jailers and insisted on the prisoners’ rights to freedom and requested everybody to consider the prisoners’ case and eliminate the injustice administrative arrest. After the prayer, the worshippers continued the activity and carried out a sit-in where they chanted for the prisoners and their freedom and carried their pictures in addition to banners with slogans in Arabic, English and Hebrew that considered the administrative arrest to be a crime. The participants emphasized that they are ambassadors representing the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nation, and that they came to the headquarters of the prison’s administration to deliver a message that we will not allow you to continue your injustice towards the prisoners and that we will always support them no matter what. Dozens of freed prisoners, their families and the administration of Yousef Al-Sideeq Organization, members of the Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, Palestinian Prisoner’s Club and the Jerusalemite Popular movement participated in the activity. Forty prisoners from the Negev prison joined that the other prisoners undergoing the hunger strike and 35 more prisoners will join starting Sunday May 25th from Nafha prison and 14 from Ramon detention center in addition to 40 more prisoners from Negev prison that will join next Tuesday.

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