The conditional release of 7 children
May 23, 2014

The Magistrate court judge decided to release 3 children from Al-A’war family with a 100-NIS bail for each and house arrest until Sunday. They are: 16-year old Khaled Al-A’war and his 15-year old brother Haron and 16-year old Muntaser Omar Al-A’war; note that they were arrested on Thursday early morning hours after raiding their houses in the neighbourhood of Ein al-Lozeh in Silwan. The judge also released on Thursday the child Yousef Yacoub Dabbagh on condition of house arrest for 5 days and only allowing him to go to school with a companion; Yousef was arrested on Tuesday afternoon. In a related matter, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud from Al-Dameer organization lawyer said that Ahmad Ashayer was presented to the District court on Thursday (a session to modify the indictment) and another hearing session has been scheduled next July before the sentencing session. The Magistrate court also released last Wednesday the 16-year old Emad Eddin Muntaser Al-A’war, 16-year old Mouath Al-A’war and 16-year old Ahmad Al-Ghoul with a 750 NIS bail for each and house arrest for 5 days; note that they were all arrested last Monday.