An extremist launches an airplane above Al-Aqsa Mosque
June 12, 2014

An Israeli settle launched on Thursday a small airplane equipped with a recording camera above Al-Aqsa Mosque near the Umayyad Palaces area. The director of Al-Aqsa, Sheikh Omar Kiswani, informed “Maan” news agency that an extremist launched a small airplane near the area of the Umayyad Palaces south of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The airplane which was equipped with a remote control was launched towards Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and flew for nearly 20 minutes. Sheikh Kiswani added that Al-Aqsa guards noticed the airplane and located the area where it was launched from and informed the police which arrested the extremist. Kiswani pointed out that this is the third time in which an airplane has been launched towards Al-Aqsa. The first airplane was launched from Al-Rahmeh Gate and was monitored minutes after it was launched and the second one was launched from the area near the Wailing Wall and was immediately surrounded. Sheikh Kiswani warned of the danger of launching airplanes towards Al-Aqsa by the settlers, and held the occupation’s police responsible for the actions of the settlers. He added: “It has become easy for the settlers to load explosives on an airplane and bring it down on Al-Aqsa Mosque.”