A strike in Jerusalem and sit-ins and clashes in solidarity with Gaza Strip
July 21, 2014

A strike took place in the city of Jerusalem and its suburbs on Monday to mourn the Martyrs in Gaza. Clashes broke out on Monday night in the neighborhoods and villages of Jerusalem to condemn the ongoing Israeli massacres in Gaza for the 15th consecutive day leaving 561 Martyrs and more than 3550 injuries where most of them were children, women and old people. A sit-in for the journalist and medical staff In solidarity with the locals of Gaza, the medical and journalist staff in the city of Jerusalem organized a sit-in inside the headquarters of the Red Cross in Sheikh Jarrah. The staff requested the Red Cross to take serious and immediate steps to protect the journalists and medical staff in Gaza and condemned targeting them by bombing the hospitals, press vehicles and ambulances. They also explained being directly targeted by the Israeli forces in the city of Jerusalem while doing their work as they are prevented from being present in the incident’s location and are being assaulted at many times. Before the sit-in, the forces arrested the paramedic Ala’ Arna’ot and also arrested another young men while he was driving his car in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah; note that he was detained in the police and was assaulted and hit on his face. Clashes Clashes renewed late Monday night in Silwan especially in Ein Al-Lozeh, Bi’er Ayoub and Al-Ein Street and the water cannon vehicles randomly sprayed wastewater towards houses, cars and residents and many residents lost consciousness and threw up due to the effect of the dirty water; note that the 52-year old Khawla Hadyeh was among those affected. Molotov cocktails were thrown at police cars and the settlement outpost “Bet Amos”. Clashes also broke out in Al-Tur and wastewater was randomly sprayed towards the houses and properties. Clashes were also reported in Shu’fat refugee camp, Esawyeh and the neighborhood of Bab Hutta.

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