Assaults continue against Jerusalemites
July 23, 2014

Assaulting Jerusalemites The settlers and Israeli forces’ assaults against Jerusalemites and their properties escalated in the last couple of weeks. Settlers assaulted the 20-year old Amir Mazen Abu Eisheh and Laith Obeidat on Wednesday morning and attacked them using sticks and empty bottlers as well as verbally abusing them while they were in a truck distributing bread in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem. Abu Eisheh was injured with wounds in his face and ear and Obeidat suffered several bruises. Abu Eisheh and Obeidat went from being victim to perpetrators according to the Israeli police despite their injuries. The police didn’t hesitate to chase them in Jaffa Street and opening fire at them under the pretext of attempting to assault settlers with a knife. Abu Eisheh family explained that the incident occurred on Wednesday morning when the two young men finished loading the break in the truck to distribute it. While stopping in front of a grocery store in “Bar Elan” Street, nearly 30 extremist settlers attacked them with sticks but they managed to run away. The family added that a police car chased the truck and pulled them over, and the settlers took advantage of the situation and started throwing empty bottles towards the young men who attempted to run one more time but the police opened fire at the truck and forced them to stop. The police arrested both of them and transferred them to Al-Maskobyeh and brought the settlers in to file a claim against them and accusing them of attacking the settlers with a knife. The young men’s lawyer, Khaldoun Nijem, said that his clients were presented to the Magistrate court judge who released them with financial bails and house arrest conditions; note that they were charges of “possession of a knife, and disrupting the work of the police”. Assaulting four young Jerusalemite men On the other hand, Israeli forces assaulted four Jerusalemites on Tuesday afternoon while they were in Jaffa Street, arrested and transferred them to Al-Maskobyeh. Hours later, they were released. Assaulting a bus driver In a related matter, the Israeli police said that a group of Jews attacked an Egged bus driver while he was parked in the Egged Company parking lot in Ramot.