Settlers assault two young Jerusalemite men
July 27, 2014

The 20-year old Amir Shweiki and 20-year old Samer Mahfouz are currently admitted in Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital after they were assaulted and severely beat by a group of extremist settlers in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem. The assault occurred on Friday night while the young men were walking in Beit Hanina (near the settlement of Nabi Yacoub” that is built on the neighborhood’s lands. Mahdi Shweiki, Amir’s brother” said that his brother and friend were assaulted in Beit Hanina and were severely beaten with sticks and iron bars on their heads. He explained that one settler approached them and asked them for a lighter and when they answered him “NO” he made sure they were Arabs and immediately he went and came back with 8 other settlers who surrounded them and started beating them on their heads. Shweiki added that the police were informed of the incident and arrived at the scene to investigate the matter, and the two young men were transferred to Al-Maqased Hospital for treatment and then to Hadassah Ein Kerem . He explained that his brother suffered a fractured skull and also suffered injuries to the brain and its nerves causing his right hand to paralyze in addition to an internal bleeding and a broken nose; note that he required a surgery on Saturday to save his life. Mahfouz was injured with severe bruises in his neck, face and shoulder.  

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