Releasing 96 Jerusalemites and extending the arrest of two others
August 15, 2014

The occupation authorities released on Friday 96 Jerusalemites that were arrested within the last two days during the series of arrests carried out against children and young men from around the city of Jerusalem. All detainees were exposed to harsh conditions during their detention as they were transported from Jerusalem to Lod and then onto the Magistrate court in Rishon Litzion and then back to several prisons. According to the head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, Amjad Abu Asab, the occupation authorities imposed house arrest for five days on the freed prisoners and a third-party financial bail of 5000 NIS and prevented them from talking to each other for ten days. The prisoners released from the prisons of Ashkelon, Ofek, Ptah Tekva and Al-Maskobyeh are: Ahmad Abu Khdeir, Abdulrahman Abu Khdeir, Rami Abu Khdeir, Amer Zidani, Mohammad Gheith, Mohammad Sarhan, Amro Abu Khdeir, Mohammad Abbasi, Ahed Abbasi, Ziad Al-Qaq, Ali Abu Diab, Naeem Hadyeh Mohammad Odeh, Louai Rajabi, Tarek Sarhan, Ahmad Awwad, Ali Hamdan, Hazem Castro, Ahmad Abulhawa, Daoud Abbasi, Ihab Hamdan, Isam Najib, Firas and Mohammad M’eirji, Nidal Farroukh, Ali Sayyad, Hashem Qawasmi, Awad Sabbagh, Ismaeel Ghateet, Awdi Odeh, Ammar Zaytoon, Thaer Abu Lafi, Jihad Mir’i, Wisam Abulhawa, Shihab Shweiki, Munir Abbasi, Fadi Arafeh, Anwar Arafeh, Adnan Shahwan, Mohammad Syouri, A’ed Abbasi, Mohammad Zidani, Radi Abu Khdeir, Akram Fakhouri, Ghaleb Abu Sneineh, Mahmoud Arna’ot, Hasan Asem, Khaled Tawwash, Nimer Basti, Rajab Abu Sneineh, Basem Basti, Mohammad Jaber, Wisam Nofal, Anas Afaghani, Ramzi Risheq, Hamzeh Afaghani, Abdullah Abu Diab, Amir Jaber, Samir Abu Rajab, Khaldoun Ashmar, Mohammad Samman, Mohammad Ibrahim, Khader Ba’rani, Mahmoud Dweik, Mahmoud Shawish, Mustafa Natsheh, Mahmoud Natsheh, Mutaz Jaber, Mamdouh Halawni, Omar Ibrahim, Ayman Basti, Saleh Tawwash, Ammar Husari, Munir Basti, Mohammad Obeid, Mustafa Ghanem, Taha Obeid, Mohammad Obeid, Salameh Obeid, Daoud Mohammad, Yazan Obeid, Mousa Hamdan, Mahmoud Hamdan and Nizar Hamdan.