Sentencing the Jerusalemite MP Ahmad Aton
August 20, 2014

The court of “Ofar” prison sentenced the Jerusalemite MP Ahmad Mohammad Aton (Abu Mujahed) for 20 months of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of 18 months for 5 years. Aton was arrested on 04/02/2013 and the occupation authority transferred him to the “administrative arrest” and was quickly interrogated on several charges. The Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee explained that Aton had spent more than 14 years in prison and he is married and has five children. The occupation authorities deprived him from his residence in Jerusalem and all of his official documents under the pretext of not being loyal to the occupation after he was elected as member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. The Israeli authorities tried to deport him from Jerusalem but he protested inside the tent at the Red Cross in Jerusalem for more than a year and a half along with the Minister Khaled Abu Arafeh and the Jerusalemite M Mohammad Totah. He was then kidnapped by the occupation from inside the headquarters of the Red Cross and spent some time at Al-Maskobyeh and was then isolated to Ramallah before being arrested again on 04/02/2013. It is noteworthy that Ahmad’s son, Mohammad who is 15 years old, is currently imprisoned in the Israeli prisons and is serving a 22-month prison sentence while Ahmad’s brother has been arrested for several years and his brother Mahmoud was deported to Turkey after he was released within the “Shalit” deal three years ago; note that Mahmoud spent 19 years inside the occupation prisons.