Jerusalemites are suffering from the spraying of wastewater on their properties
August 26, 2014

Jerusalemites have been suffering for the past two months from a new way of suppression used by the Israeli forces against the residents in the areas where clashes break out between the young men and the Israeli forces which is the use of “wastewater”. Jerusalemites have complained from the wastewater which is being sprayed on their houses, cars and commercial stores as it has a very bad smell that stays for several days after being sprayed and causes people to throw up, suffer from stiffs and burns at times. Jerusalemites have explained that the use of wastewater is increasing day by day and had not stopped since the beginning of last July when the child Mohammad Abu Khdeir was kidnapped and killed. The Citizen’s Rights Organization reached the chief of police in the district of Jerusalem at the beginning of August and asked to explain the use of the wastewater in east Jerusalem, and requested to minimize the usage of this stinky water in the residential and commercial and to quickly issue an order to inform all the police of the restrictions on the use of the wastewater in dispersing the protesters. Lawyer Yousef Karram wrote a letter one behalf the Citizen’s Rights Organization and explained that the material that is being used is a rotten liquid sprayed with high pressure from a police vehicle towards the protesters and is used to disperse them, and also has a stinky smell and gives people the feeling of losing consciousness. It also causes redness if it touches the skin and swallowing any of it could lead to stomach pains that require medical aid. Palestinians in the village of Esawyeh, Shu’fat refugee camp, Al-Tur and Silwan explained that the police randomly sprayed this material on their houses and did not exclude the commercial stores and restaurants. Lawyer Karram said that the city of Jerusalem never witnessed the use of this type of wastewater and it is obvious that it is a new way to suppress the protests in the city and cause damage to the people and their properties.  

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