Arrests and extensions of arrest
August 28, 2014

The Magistrate court extended on Thursday the arrest of six young men from Shu’fat refugee camp until Sunday; note that they were arrested last Wednesday from their house after they were raided by the Israeli forces. The Prisoner’s Club, Mufeed Al-Hajj, said that the Israeli forces released on Thursday the 17-year old Mohammad Idais from Shu’fat with a financial bail of 1000 NIS and house arrest for 10 days. He was accused of participating in the protests that resulted into clashes with the Israeli forces. Mohammad’s uncle, Ali Idais, was also released after also paying a 1000-NIS bail and he was accused of assaulting Israeli soldiers during the arrest of his nephew. Al-Hajj added that the Magistrate court sentenced on Thursday the –year old Mohammad Abu Nee’ who also holds an American citizenship for actual imprisonment of 60 days. He was supposed to be released on Sunday from the prison of Hasharon but the family was surprised when they received call from their son at 11:00 p.m. to inform them that he was released. Also, the judge extended on Wednesday the arrest of In’aam Qlambo on charges of attempting to assault a policeman. She was arrested from the Old City and was transferred to Al-Qishleh center. After the police approved to release her with a 500-NIS bail and isolation from Al-Aqsa for 14 days, the public prosecution claimed that she was also arrested on other charges. Al-Hajj explained that two years after hearing the testimonies of the soldiers against the 16-year old Mustafa Shaker from the village of Esawyeh, the Magistrate court acquitted him from the charges of throwing stones and assaulting the soldiers. Wednesday arrests The occupation forces arrest 11 Jerusalemites including a former female prisoner. In a related matter, lawyer Al-Hajj said that the occupation police arrested on Wednesday 11 Jerusalemites including two children and a former female prisoner; note that most of the arrests occurred in the Old City of Jerusalem, Shu’fat and Shu’fat refugee camp. The police arrested Jihad Maswadeh, Ahmad Idris, Mohammad Abu Sbeih and the Jerusalemite activist In’aam Qlambo from the Old City. They also arrested Ibrahim Al-Jammal, Mahmoud Hassouneh, Samer Shihadeh, the 17-year old child Mohammad Idais, Ahmad Abu Khdeir and Ali Idris from Shu’fat and its refugee camp; note that also the 16-year old Yousef Jawarish was arrested from the village of Bet Safafa.